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About Natalia Mora

As a real estate mentor with international professional experience in the real estate sector and all its different facets and also in different countries, I can help you choose the best investment strategy and also make the best of your new purchase.

Then I was taking care on my own of my 4 daughters and I began to manage the portfolio of several investors to rent them to foreigners in Holland, and founded my company “Rentals For Expats”.

Now with a lot of love I dedicate myself mainly to teaching others to enjoy life more and create financial freedom by creating a portfolio of investments in real estate, in Holland, Spain or Colombia and of course.

On the other hand, as a woman and a mother, I have had to get up many times after falling into the daily difficulties of life, to give my 4 daughters what they need and what I also want. I make one of my greatest wishes is to empower women to take responsibility for their financial freedom in this very masculine world, and use their femininity as their great strength and not as a weakness.

For this reason I have founded with 5 wonderful and professional women an “Independent Woman Foundation” where we educate about real estate, share knowledge and also do fundraising events to support charities. such as “The Forgotten Child” and “NEOS” a foundation for women who have suffered domestic violence.

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Company Founder , Spain Real Estate
I am of Colombian origin and have been active in the real estate market...

Boutique by Design... Independent by Choice

Spain Real Estate is a premium real estate agency that caters to our investors individual needs and lifestyle through our services, seamless communication and technologies. Un-like most traditional agencies, we are not governed by out-dated franchised structures and guidelines that hinder imagination, at Spain Real Estate, we take a creative approach to real estate to give our clients a unique and rewarding experience.

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