Natalia Mora

Company Founder at Spain Real Estate

  • Service Areas: Spain
  • Specialties: Deal Source, Real Estate Agent and Investor

Property Types

  • 67% Residential
  • 33% Apartment
  • 33% Villa
  • -33% Other

Property Status

  • 67% For Sale
  • 33% For Rent

Property Cities

  • 17% Valencia
  • 17% Madrid
  • 17% Girona
  • 50% Other

About Natalia Mora

I am of Colombian origin and have been active in the real estate market for over 20 years. As a professional real estate mentor with extensive international experience in all facets of the market, I can help you choose the best investment strategy and get the best out of your purchases. Because of my many relocations I know that it is a primary human need to a place to have that you can call home. Only then does life in your new country begin. I graduated as an interior architect. Since my first year of study I had a DIY company that quickly grew into a real contracting company and that has existed for twelve years.

Language: English, Spanish, Dutch

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